Free Graded Readers for learners of English





Comic, 650 words

Short story, 350 words

Comic, 1,000 words

Short story, 328 words

Short story, 320 words

Sherlock Holmes story, 3,800 words

Sherlock Holmes story, 4,000 words

Sherlock Holmes story, 4,100 words

By Otakar Batlička, 900 words

By Jack London, 4,200 words

Comic, 1,200 words

By Kate Chopin, 400 words

Comic, 500 words

Sherlock Holmes Comic, 1,200 words

A romantic comic, 1000 words

Sherlock Holmes story, 4,200 words

By Otakar Batlička, 1,400 words

By Otakar Batlička, 1,100 words

By H.G. Wells, 2,100 words

By Kate Chopin, 750 words

By Edgar Wallace, 3,500 words

By Rotrekl and Linwoo, 1,750 words

By H.G. Wells, 2,000 words

Original story by M.Shipley, 1,500 words

By Edgar Wallace, 4000 words

Graded readers can help students of English a lot. No one can explain why graded readers are so useful, but let’s accept the facts. GRADED READERS help students improve their English!!!