Top 5 TEFL sites

By | July 1, 2013
Top TEFL sites

Top TEFL sites

Have you ever wondered what is the best TEFL site on the internet? Do you still hasitate where to put your money? Right now there are hundreds of sites offering worksheets for teachers of English as a foreign language. But how good are they? Which one is the best TEFL site? Is it worth investing my money into it? I hope that the following summary will help you in your decision.

TEFL sites in the order from the best

1. Mary Glasgow Magazines
Price: 15 pounds / year
This site is quite cheap and at the same time it offers incredible variety of content at top quality. There are pages from magazines, pages from the popular Timesaver series, listenings, songs, grammar exercises and videos.
The search engine works fine and all the pages it finds are relevant and useful.
The only cons are that the worksheets are often cut into pieces. For example, you will find a worksheet for a song but the song is somewhere else.
However, right now it is the best TEFL site there is and it is cheap at the price.

Price: 42 pounds / year
The quality of the articles and worksheets at this site is outstanding. So is the variety and amount of the useful materials for English teachers. There are worksheets, theoretical articles, songs, news articles at different levels etc. The site is connected with Macmillan publishing house, so they publish from Macmillan resource packs a lot. The best part though for me are their serialised readers. Especially the Owl Hall is excellent.
The cons are that as big as the site is, the search engine is not the best, therefore it is quite difficult to find the materials you need. Moreover, they do not have videos. The greatest disadvantage of the site though is the price. I know that they have to generate a lot of income to keep the quality of the site but 42 pounds is too much.
I like the site a lot and if it wasn’t for the price it would have ended up at number one.

3. Teachitworld
Price: 25 pounds / year
I love this site because I could publish several resources here. This site contains current articles from The Week magazine, incredible worksheets with fresh ideas, listenings and interactive content and activities for IWB. I love best the worksheets, because they are of superb quality and sometimes the ideas are absolutely original.
The cons are the price and the lack of video. Moreover, they have just a quarted of the resources the Onestopenglish offers.
I think it is a wonderful TEFL site with a great potential and I hope to contribute to its growth too.

Price: free (you have to contribute)
This TEFL site contains the most worksheets and materials. It has worksheets, powerpoint presentations and games and interactive exercises. Moreover, the price is great, as it is free. It is enough if you contribute some materials of yours and you can download anything there is. The search engine works wonderfully as it orders the relevant materials according to the number of downloads, the best materials are always at the top of the list.
The concept of the site is wonderful but it has its disadvantages. As virtually anyone can contribute and the materials are not edited and checked, the quality is often bad. There are mistakes in the worksheets and some of the worksheets are simply dull.
I have contributed a lot to this site and whenever I need a worksheet or two I go there and download it. But then I spend some time editing the material to avoid unpleasant surprises in the classroom.

Price: $30 / year
I don’t know whether you have ever heard about this site, but I think it is one of the great ones. There are worksheets only but the worksheets deal with grammar, songs, speaking, vocabulary etc. Each worksheet is perfectly designed and there are several different activities which you together constitute a perfect lesson.
The cons are that the site is not cheap and that the variety of the materials is quite low.
They offer here several worksheets for free so, if you have never heard of this TEFL site I believe it is worth trying.

If you know any other great TEFL sites, please let me know or write your comment here and I will check it up and I will update this post if necessary.


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