Sherlock Holmes – The Last Curtain – IWB Classroom reading

By | May 11, 2013

Sherlock Holmes - The Final Curtain

Sherlock Holmes – The Final Curtain

No one can deny that students should read a lot to learn English. However, they do not want to and any longer reading is demanding on photocopying. In fact, I do not know a school where they’d be willing to copy a book for every student. That was why I searched for a way to give my students a chance to read a text that would be at the same time interesting and copy free. And here is what I came up with: IWB classroom reading.

The procedure for IWB classroom reading is simple. Play the presentation Sherlock Holmes – The last curtain on the IWB and let the students read the first slide. At the moment you feel that they have read it ask about the meaning of some more difficult words and play another slide. The story about Sherlock Holmes is a comic which is usually very interesting for students and there are not too many words. Here is the story:

final curtain_Sherlock Holmes

At the end of the reading about Sherlock Holmes you can check students understanding with the game Hoopshot which you can find down here.
Sherlock Holmes_the Final Curtain_game

This time there is no worksheet but if you create one, I will be happy to publish it here. Please, can you comment how useful do you find this activity. Thanks.


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