Past simple tense – Michael story

By | May 21, 2013
Past simple tense story - Michael

Simple past story – Michael

Past simple tense is, in my opinion, the most important tense in English. This is the tense that you cannot avoid whatever you do.
Therefore, I do my best to teach the irregular and regular verbs in past simple tense as best as I can. That was why I designed so called Past simple tense stories. One of them you can find in my previous post called ELM issue 3 – English learning magazine. Moreover, you can practise irregular verbs in past simple tense here. However, the problem with the second activity is that the irregular verbs are not in context. And so I created another Past simple tense story – called Michael.


Past simple tense story – Procedure

Simple past story Michael worksheet

What you should do with the worksheet?

  1. Students translate the words into their mother tongue.
  2. Students should read the story and decide whether the statements under the text are True or False.
  3. Students work in pairs and do grammar up activity. Here you can see a video explaining how to do this activity or you can find the description in ELM magazine.
  4. Students solve the crossword using the verbs in past simple.
  5. Students complete the text with the missing words

This worksheet is easy to use in a classroom and teach past simple in this way. However, I would love my students to study at home too. That was why I created the following activities for them to use while they browse the internet:

Simple past story – Michael – the audio recording

Simple past story Michael – ordering game – a game in which your task is to put the text into the correct order

dictation Simple Past Story matching game – listen and match the sentences and the recordings

Simple Past Story – write the sentences – Listen and write the sentences, you hear.

Simple past story storyboard – You should write the story again. It is a very useful game because students learn the new words and phrases from the text.

Past simple story – irregular verbs game


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