Past simple story – Scream

By | July 1, 2013
Past simple story - scream

Past simple story – scream

Don’t worry! This is not a horror story 🙂 It is a simple story in past simple tense in which you or your students will learn and practise several verbs in past simple tense.


Past simple story – Scream MATERIALS

Start by downloading the Past-simple-story_scream_original (5)

In the first part your students should translate the words into their mother tongue. It is necessary for the students to understand all the words to comprehend the text.
In the second part the students should read the story and answer comprehension questions. You can play the story to your students on your IWB by clicking here: Past simple story – scream – listen and read.

Now the teacher should give the students several minutes to study exercise 3 and realise what the pictures stand for. The pictures replace the irregular verbs in past tense and short phrases. After three or four minutes the students should work in pairs. One of the students covers exercise 2 and reads the story aloud while their partner follows the story in exercise 2 and corrects their partner whenever they make a mistake. The students swap roles once they finish the story in past simple tense.

In exercise 4 the students should write the past simple story. It takes about ten minutes and when they finish they should check their answers.

In the last exercise they try to solve the crossword by replacing the pictures with the past simple tense of the given verb.

If you have an IWB you can play with your students the storyboard game here. Students should put away the worksheets and each should come to the computer and type one word they believe was in the story. If they write a word that was in the story they score one point. If they write a word that wasn’t in the past simple story they lose one point. The students can help each other.
If your class is too big or you do not have an IWB you can ask your students to play the storyboard game at home.
I hope you find this worksheet and activities useful. Please leave comments below.
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