Mixed conditionals

By | March 15, 2013
Mixed conditionals

Mixed conditionals pair cards exercise

Recently a colleague of mine asked me whether I have anything on unreal conditionals. I told her that did but I couldn’t give her anything and the moment as all my worksheets were at home. And at that moment I felt really sorry that I didn’t take the time to edit and post the worksheets I had created. Of course I brought the worksheet the following day, but it was too late and I think she hasn´t used it.
And that is why I decided to create this site. I would like to share all my materials with all the teachers that are out there and who care to use them in their lessons. I have been teaching English for 10 years now and I have accumulated hundreds of worksheets and ideas which I believe other people could profit from. So let’s start with the unreal conditionals.

To present this grammar I start off with a simple speaking activity which is contained in the Mixed conditionals worksheet below. Without explaining anything I ask the students to ask and answer the questions on the paper. The Mixed conditional questions come from the side http://tefltastic.wordpress.com/. This blog contains a lot of useful ideas and worksheets.

Then I believe it is time to present and explain the way the unreal conditionals are created and what they mean. For this purpose I created a short presentation which is called Unreal conditionals.
Unreal Conditionals
The first part of the presentation is so called vanishing drill when students repeat the sentences while the words vanish. It is very useful to teach some complicated phrases, which unreal conditionals certainly are.

Here I found out that it is really useful to practise irregular verbs before embarking on practising the unreal conditionals. Students usually have difficulties with the past participles and they can practise them in a game for IWB which can be found in my Present perfect post.

The other activity in the Unreal conditionals worksheet is my own. I call it  pair cards and it is a kind of drill which you can use to practice grammar points.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Put the students in pairs and give each student a card with the sentences. Mind that they each get a different card.
  2. On the cards there are highlighted sentences. The sentences that are highlighted on one card are white on the other card. The highlighted sentences are the correct solution.
  3. Each student reads their white sentences and their goal is to complete the second white sentence in such a way that it has the same meaning as the first one. Their partner listens to them and if they make a mistake he/she corrects them. The students should produce sentences which are exactly the same as the highlighted ones.
  4. Once the students finish they swap their cards and go on working in the same way as it is described above
  5. When the students finish, you can either ask them to write the sentences into the worksheet or you can ask them to keep the worksheet and recycle the grammar in the following lesson.

unreal conditionals discussion_full

And now it is high time you practised the unreal conditionals in a classical exercise. That is why I created this worksheet called Mixed Conditionals. I hope you will find this worksheet and the activities useful.

Mixed conditionals_worksheet


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