Let and Make Grammar and worksheet

By | March 22, 2013

Let and Make Grammar

Let and make grammar

Let and make grammar

Let and make was one of the grammar areas is which I couldn’t find any suitable materials for. That was why I decided to create my own. And I started by creating a short video in which the language is used and which ends in a provocative way. I always ask the students at the end to suggest the continuation. Of course, the students will come up with all sorts of  solutions to the situation, however the correct one is that she will make him clean the room for her.

In the worksheet there is a comprehension exercise and when students listen for the second time they should fill in the missing words in the sentences which have been taken out of the video. All those sentences contain the grammar in question.

Make and let wp_worksheet.

Here is another version of the same worksheet but this time the questions are adapted so that they would be suitable for adults:

Let and make worksheet adults.

Then there is the presentation in which you can explain the usage and the form of the two verbs.

Make and let.

And in the end the students should discuss the questions in exercise three on the worksheet. Of course you can swap the presentation and discussion if you want to.



4 thoughts on “Let and Make Grammar and worksheet

  1. mariethe house

    Absolutely remakable. Thank you fro your thorough work even if I don’t need it anymore. I will recommend it to some friendsteachers I know.:)

    1. Zdenda Post author

      Thank you for your kind comment. I think that the video really catches teenagers’ attention and then everything is easier to teach.


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