IWB classroom reading – Romantic story

By | May 25, 2013
IWB story - romantic story

IWB story – romantic story

In one of my previous posts I have turned a Sherlock Holmes story into an IWB classroom reading and I created a game for IWB to check the students’ comprehension. I was quite surprised how popular the story and the comprehension game proved to be. Surprisingly all the students paid attention and then they enjoyed playing the game.


Having used my experience from the previous lesson I have prepared  another story for them. This time it is a romantic story called “Exactly what you Ordered”.


Here is the way I use the material:

  1. Display the story on board and ask the students to read it.
  2. When you think that they have finished, check the more difficult words or explain some phrases.
  3. When you finish the story in this way, divide the class into two teams and play the game.

Exactly what you ordered story – powerpoint presentation

Exactly_game basketball
I hope you will find the story useful and interesting.


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