Irregular verbs game

By | December 16, 2012
Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs teacher invaders game

Having an IWB in your classroom is a nice thing. It cost a lot of money and the headmaster thinks that they couldn´t do anything better either for you or for the children.

However, the people responsible for buying the hardware more often than not fail to provide any software for it and they get incredibly angry if you do not use the IWB enough.

Realising that I cannot expect anyone to help me I have decided to create a few games on my own. I found the site bought the penalty game and started creating.

And here is the result. It is a game to practise English irregular verbs and students love it. We always play it till they lose (3 to 10 mins). There are nearly 80 irregular verbs which they can practise in this game. It is highly addictive and your students can play it at home.

Try the game here: Irregular verbs_teacher invaders 

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