The Storm – elementary graded reader

My first elementary graded reader is based upon the story by Tex Mumford.

The Storm

by Zdenek Rotrekl

David Long lives at a farm. The farm is called Green Horse.
It is Saturday night. There is a storm outside.
David and his father are sitting in the living room. His father is sitting at the table. He is reading the newspaper.
“It is a bad storm outside,” says the father. “Listen to the wind!”
“If the storm doesn’t stop, our men will not come back from the town,” David says.
“Yes, you are right. But it is Saturday and men like going out on Saturday night. I read here that they are still trying to catch the bank robbers,” father say.
“I am sure they will catch them,” says David.
Someone knocks on the door. The father opens the door. Three men come in.
“I’m sheriff Rand,” says a big man.”And these are my helpers. Can we stay here until the storm ends?”
“Of course, sheriff,” says the father.

The Storm elementary graded reader

Can I have a look at the newspaper

“Are you looking for the bank robbers? I am just reading about it in the newspaper.”
“Really,” says the big man. “Can I have a look at the newspaper, mister …”
“John Long and this is Green Horse.”
David looks at the sheriff’s star and goes out of the room. He goes out of the house and he is really happy to see their men coming back from the town.
He runs to them and they listen to him.

“You could be right,” says Lem Carson. “We must go into the house now!”
A little later the six men go in with guns in their hands.
Rand and his men take guns too, but Carson shoots first and Rand drops his gun. The three men give up.
David runs to his father. He is fine.
“They are the bank robbers. They know all about it. But how do you know?” his father asks.
“On the star there is: SHERIF with one F, not Sheriff with two F,” David says. “It is a fake.”
“Good job, son. You are clever.”

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