Alina in Hospital


Alina in Hospital is a graded reader for beginners. It is a nice heart warming story for beginners.

Alina in Hospital

by Zdenek Rotrekl

It summer holiday. Alina is at her grandmother’s. She likes it there. Her grandmother has got chickens and rabbits. Aline gives them food every day.

Alina in Hospital - rabbits / graded reader for beginners

Her grandmother has got chickens and rabbits.

Alina doesn’t like only one thing about her grandmother. She has to pray every day. The prayers seem very long to Alina.One hot afternoon someone knocks on the door. Alina opens the door. There stands a young man. He is wearing old and dirty clothes. He looks like a homeless person.

„Please, could you give me a glass of water,“ the man asks.

„Granny, there is a man and he wants a glass of water,“ Alina shouts. She is afraid. She doesn’t like the man.

Grandmother comes to the door.

„Hello, please come in.“

Alina is not happy. She doesn’t want the man in their house. He looks poor.

Alina in Hospital - glass of milk

Can I give you a glass of milk and bread with butter?

„Please, sit down. Can I give you a glass of milk and bread with butter?“

„Yes, please. Thank you,“ the man answers happy.

„Do you want to have a shower?“ Grandma asks.

„May I?“ the man asks.


The man has a shower and leaves the house with more bread and some meat. Alina doesn’t like the man.


Twenty-five years later:

Alina is married. She has two children and a nice husband. Her grandmother is dead.

But she is not happy. She is ill. She has to stay in hospital. She has got cancer.

She gets better and the doctors are happy. But Alina is worried. Hospitals are expensive in the USA and she is not rich.

She can go home. She goes to the hospital office.

Alina in Hospital - envelope

A nurse smiles at her and gives her an envelope.

A nurse smiles at her and gives her an envelope. Alina feels sick. There is the bill she must pay in it.

She opens the envelope:

Dear Mrs. Smith,

my name is Dr. David Powell. I paid all your bills in the hospital because many years ago you and your grandma gave me a glass of milk and bread.

Thank you

Dr. David Powell

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  1. Alena Kalvodová

    It was really short story. At first I thought where is the end but at second it may be the end. The envelope was word which I forgot.


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