ELM magazine – issue 3

By | April 10, 2013

ELM 3 magazine

ELM 3 magazine Easter

I am glad that finally I was able to put another issue of the ELM magazine together. This would not have happened if it hadn´t been for the help of Lynne Blackburn who supplied several articles and proof-read the whole magazine.
This issue is slightly different from the previous ones as the language is easier and the magazine is much more interactive than any other English learning magazine I have ever seen. Besides two Grammar up texts we have introduced Simple past stories which allow students practise the language in much bigger depth. Moreover, there are two pages with grammar puzzles, a comic (Komeen story), one short story, the fifth chapter of the book The Truck and a quiz where the answers seem obvious but they are not.
This issue is completely free and each page can be used a separate worksheet. Both me and Lynne hope that you will find it useful for teaching English.

You can download the magazine here:
ELM magazine 3 – Easter


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