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By | May 26, 2013

The best posts and games to teach English

The best posts and games to teach English

I have published quite a lot so far and it is getting a bit confusing and some great posts are getting lost. That is why I decided to create this post which contains the list of the materials that you can find here:


Sherlock Holmes and comprehension games
Exactly what you ordered – a romantic story with a comprehension game
Freddie and his friends – elementary story with a comprehension game and text reconstruction


Present perfect tense – games and worksheets to practise and present present perfect tense
Simple past story – Michael – a story about friendship in past simple. Students learn about 10 irregular verbs
Past simple and continuous – a worksheet and several games to practise and present the difference between the two tenses
Adverbs – a way to introduce and then teach and practise adverbs. Several simple games too.

Be going to – teach future tense using be going to in a way that your students will remember.

Let and make – Let and make is a grammar point which is hardly ever covered but it is important. Here you will find a video that will grab students’ attention and a worksheet to teach this grammar point.

Irregular verbs – several games to practise and teach irregular verbs.

Mixed conditionals – I do not know a more complicated grammar but this post contains a worksheet and a presentation to introduce this point in a new way.


ELM magazine – English learning magazine issue 3. Download this pdf file with several new activities for your students.

Please tell me which material you like best and why


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