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The Treasure Hunt – Edgar Wallace

Edgar Wallace was a great and popular author of detective stories and thrillers. However, he will probably forever be best remembered as the co-author of King-Kong. In the story The Treasure Hunt you can meet Mr.Reeder again and admire his brilliant criminal mind. The story has been shortened and simplified for intermediate and upper-intermediate learners […]

My Holiday – messaging lesson

George Woolard recently published a book called Messaging where he describes a new approach to teaching English. I have created a lesson using this approach which I would like to share with you. Messaging_holiday 1. Start with a video. Ask the students to watch the video and match the places and the things there. The […]

Doc Strange and Bio-megascope

Doc Strange was a comic which was published in 1945. Nowadays the comic is in public domain. I took the original and rewrote the bubbles into simple English (intermediate level) and then I made a video out of the comic. You can see the result below. Watch the video and try to understand the story […]