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By | May 4, 2013

Be going to game

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I have found out that if I create my own worksheets it is much easier for me to teach the given grammar point. I don’t want to claim that my worksheets are speacial or outstanding. I just want to say that if you use your own worksheet you know exactly what you want your students to do and if the activity doesn´t work you simply get rid of it. I try to tune up each of my worksheets and then I present it here.

One of the worksheets I have created was for the grammar point “be going to” for planned future. It was in fact so good that it was published at

For the first three games you need an IWB or at least a computer. Display the grid and the students have to find the hidden treasure by creating sentences using “be going to”. This game is a wonderful drill in which the students will practise all the forms of the future form.

In the second phase of the lesson, the students receive the worksheets and they play a similar game in their pairs. After playing the two games, I believe it is time to explain the grammar of be going to. I do it by using the following presentation:

Be going to presentation on form_en

Be going to presentation on form

One of the explanations of BE GOING TO is in English and the other one is in Czech.
Then the teacher presents the pictures on the board and elicits what he/she is going to do this weekend. Then he/she displays the other pictures and students have to write the sentences into the grid.
In the last but one activity students play another communicative game. They draw their plans into the last grid and their partner then tries to guess their plans by using the “be going to” form.
At the end of the lesson students ask and answer the questions contained in the last activity.
I hope you will find this worksheet as useful as I do.

The full worksheet can be downloaded here:

Be going to worksheet


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