Grammar up - Ryan Lochte


Ryan Lochte is a 28-year-old swimmer who won 5 medals during the

Ryan  Lochte BE -  28-year-old    swimmer  ---     WIN   5 medals  ------        ---

London Olympics in 2012. However, he is not known only for his swimming

London Olympics   --    2012.    However, he  KNOW              only  ---   his swimming

but for his simplicity too.

but   ---    his simplicity too.

Recently during a radio interview he was asked whether the swimmers peed

Recently   ------       -  radio   interview he ASK                 whether   ---   swimmers  PEE

into the swimming pool. And he answered that it was true and that all of them

----     ---    swimming pool.   And  he ANSWER   that   it BE   true    and that  all  --   them

do it all the time. The presenter was shocked a bit, so he asked Lochte whether

DO it all  ---   time.   ---     presenter  BE      shocked  -  bit,  so  he ASK     Lochte whether

he personally had ever done this. And Ryan answered that he had.    Not during the race

he personally  EVER DO               this.  And Ryan ANSWER   that   he  HAVE.     Not ------      ---   race

but in the warm-up every time. He explained that it was probably

but  --   ---   warm-up   every  time.   He EXPLAIN   that  it  BE probably

the smell of the chlorine that made him relax    and relieve himself.

---     smell  --  ---   chlorine   ----    MAKE him  RELAX and RELIEVE himself.

So the next time you swim in a pool do not drink the water. They all do it.

So   ---    ----    time  you SWIM  -- -  pool NOT DRINK    ---    water.   They all DO it.

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte